Bruce Willis’ wife gives heartbreaking plea on Father’s Day amidst star’s dementia battle

Bruce Willis‘s wife Emma Heming Willis has issued a heartbreaking plea months on from her husband’s dementia diagnosis.

On Sunday, which happened to be both Father’s Day and Emma’s 45th birthday, she took to Instagram to post a series of photos to mark both occasions.

Emma used the captions of said posts to praise caregivers the world over – a role she herself has been getting used to as a result of her husband’s condition.

Hollywood icon Bruce retired from acting last year in the wake of a diagnosis of aphasia. Among other things, the condition reportedly impaired his ability to communicate, making it increasingly difficult for him to work on set.

Tragically, however, his condition has worsened since then – his family confirmed earlier this year that he had been diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia.

Needless to say, the diagnosis came as a shock to all of Bruce’s loved ones, as well as fans worldwide, and those nearest and dearest to him have been lending their support in all manner of ways.

Chief amongst them is Emma, Bruce’s wife with whom he shares two children.

Given that Bruce’s condition is degenerative, it’s likely that Emma’s duties will only intensify moving forward, and it’s perhaps with a better understanding for the important role caregivers play in mind that Emma composed her birthday message on Instagram.

“Hi! It’s my birthday and I’ve had an epic week getting to celebrate with some of my beloved family and friends,” Emma shared with her 844,000 followers.

“I’m making a few BIG birthday wishes! This one I hope you could make a reality.”

LOS ANGELES, CA – JULY 14: Bruce Willis (L) and Emma Heming attend the Comedy Central Roast of Bruce Willis at Hollywood Palladium on July 14, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

She continued: “Text or call a person in your life that’s a caregiver and let them know here is X, Y, or Z I can do to help you this week. If the caregiver says, ‘I’m fine, I don’t need anything’, which most likely is what they just might say, then drop some food at their doorstep or flowers or a small something and text them after to let them know it’s there.

“Or honestly, just tell them thank you and that they are doing a great job. That kindness and support will go such a long long way.”

Emma also shared a message of support for her husband, who is locked in his aforementioned battle with frontotemporal dementia.

“Father’s Day is a time I get to reflect on my deep appreciation and respect I have for Bruce as I watch him father our little ones,” Emma wrote.

“Where it might not be ‘conventional’, what he’s teaching them will span generations. Unconditional love, kindness, strength, compassion, patience, generosity, resilience.

“Happy Father’s Day to the greatest dad I know, who will forever be the gift that keeps giving within our family.”

All our thoughts and prayers go out to Bruce Willis and his beautiful family.

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