Dad thinks the surprise is that she’s pregnant – but watch when she reveals the real secret

When Leann and her husband were told they’d be having twins, they were ecstatic. And Leann knew that her dad in particular would also be overjoyed by the big news. So the couple decided to keep the news secret until they visited him a few months later.

When it finally came time to surprise Leann’s dad, Leann hands him a photo of the ultrasound. At first, he’s so surprised to see the picture that he jumps for joy. And that’s before he realizes that it’s not a picture of one baby, but two!

So when it finally dawns on him that his daughter and her husband are expecting twins, he’s absolutely ecstatic. In fact, he can barely talk as tears flow down his cheeks. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen such a sweet reaction.

I was so touched that I almost started crying myself. Is there any doubt that Leann’s dad will be a great grandpa? Watch the beautiful moment below!

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