DWTS’ Len Goodman Dies at 78 with Family by His Side Months after He Retired for Grandkids

Len Goodman,legendary “Dancing With the Stars” judge, has died at 78 surrounded by his family. All details revealed.
Six months ago he retired for the sake of his grandkids.
He found true love with a teacher in his old age.

If you’re a fan of “Dancing with the Stars,” you will know Len Goodman. He was a judge on the show for 17 years and cemented his place in the hearts of families worldwide who watch the show.

Despite his extended time on the show, he decided not to continue his post as a judge. He announced his exit from the show on an episode of “Dancing with the Stars.” Now, he has passed away at 78.

Goodman passed away after fighting bone cancer for a while. It was a short illness, throughout which he was in a hospice in Kent, UK. He was only six months into his retirement and days away from his 79th birthday when he took his last breaths. A source shared:

“I can confirm he died peacefully over the weekend surrounded by his family.”

The source also said that he would be missed as a husband, father, and grandfather in his family. He will also be missed by his friends and the fans he had amassed during his extensive Hollywood career and is fondly remembered by those who loved him.

Although he dreamed of being a professional footballer, Goodman ended up being a wonderful dancer and teacher. He gained notoriety at 60 when he auditioned for “Strictly Come Dancing” at the age when most can think only of settling down.

Many were saddened by Goodman’s passing, with tributes pouring in from worldwide. Craig Revel and Claudia Winkleman were among the people who shared their love and admiration for Goodman and the friendships they had with him.

How Did Goodman Retire Six Months Ago for His Grankids?

When he announced his retirement from “DWTS,” Tyra Banks turned to Goodman and said that he was a “living legend” after mentioning that he had something to say. During this time, he announced that he would be retiring from his post. The announcement was met with disappointment from the audience.

He joined the show in 2005 when it first aired and has been a mainstay of the panel, but he admitted:

Goodman said he was grateful for his time spent on the show and that he had a wonderful time while filming the last 31 seasons. The public was disappointed by the news but cheered him on. One Facebook user said: “What a loss; the only judge that wanted to see and judge elegant dancing.”

How Did Goodman Find True Love with His Teacher Wife in His Old Age?

Goodman recently found the love of his life in 47-year-old dance teacher Sue. He talked about why he proposed and said:

“I’d found the woman I wanted to be with for the rest of my life.”

On what he described as a whim, he then decided that he would propose to Sue. He did so and said that he kept it a secret from everyone but his mother. He was afraid if he didn’t tell her, and she was surprised, she would have a heart attack because of her age.

Talking about why he thought Sue was the one for him, Goodman said she had changed him for the better. He didn’t want to change in the past, but he believes he did it for Sue because she was the one.

He revealed what it was that made him believe that marriage was not for him in the past and why he had to change, saying:

“I’ve become totally unselfish, and I think that’s because it’s true love.”

Goodman said he felt lucky because 30 people RSVP’d to his invite, and when their friends came over, they had drinks at first. The couple then told their guests they would be going into another room, and they had their wedding ceremony.

The “Dancing with the Stars” judge said he, his wife, and their guests had some lunch and enjoyed the afternoon together. They listened to jazz all afternoon and went home by 5 p.m. happy and in love.

Goodman spoke about why he told his mother about the wedding and nobody else and how he felt about losing his father. He said losing his father was very difficult, and he feels strongly about spending time with his parents. He admitted:

“I’m a great believer in family. When I read that people don’t go see their mothers as they get older, I can’t understand it.”

Goodman valued family so much that after he and Sue left their wedding shindig, they stopped off at his father’s grave to share the day with him. Goodman and Sue took their wedding flowers to lay on his father’s grave.

Goodman Became a Grandpa for the First Time at 71

When Goodman refused to do the next season of “Dancing with the Stars,” it had nothing to do with the fact that he was getting older. Instead, it was due to him welcoming his first grandchild at 71 and wanting to spend more time with her.

Goodman’s granddaughter was born to his only child, James, who is part of the family business teaching dance at Goodman’s school. Talking about his granddaughter, Goodman said:

“Alice is so lovely. I can’t stop looking at her.”
He said that having a granddaughter has made him do things he has never done before, and he missed her very much when she goes away to see her other grandparents who live on the Isle of Wight.

Goodman also revealed that he had loved spending time with his granddaughter amid the loss of his own mother, who passed away just weeks before she turned 98. He mentioned that she led a wonderful life and would be greatly missed by everyone who knew her.

After Goodman retired from his “Dancing with the Stars” judging post, he had more time to spend with his family. He confessed that he loved to walk around parks with his grandchild and his son on sunny days.


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