Garth Brooks faces widespread boycott of his bar and music after making controversial statement

Garth Brooks is perhaps one of the best-known country musicians out there. Now the singer has done something which is making fans question their loyalty to him.

Keep reading to know more about what Garth Brooks did that earned him the ire of his fans.

A lot of country music fans have been left in disbelief as singer Garth Brooks has made a shocking announcement. The singer has partnered with none other than Bud Light for his latest venture. The singer has decided to offer the beer at his Nashville bar.

The singer defended his decision to do so, saying that his bar would be a place for unity and acceptance and hence he would sell “every brand of beer” at the venue. He even went as far as calling those who opt for alternatives to Bud Light as “an a**hole.”

Now there are people who are upset at the singer for making this remark. Michelle, who says she was a longstanding fan of the singer since the 90s, is upset by his recent remarks. She ended her tweet by saying, “welcome to the boycott.”

Other fans were also angry and said they would not just be boycotting his bar but also his music, a user tweeted, “My trash bin is full…I threw out everything that had Garth Brooks’ name on it.”

Brooks tried to give an explanation for his decision saying he loved diversity and wanted to support it. “I love diversity. All included, so all are welcome,” he said.

The controversy surrounding Bud Light started early this year, in April. The beer company sent in some cans to trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney. The influencer then posted videos of herself dressed as Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s as she explains the beers and how people can stand to win some money from the sweepstakes the company was offering. In the video, she also shares that it was her 365th day of womanhood which the company celebrated with her by sending her a customized can with her image on it.

People were unhappy with the partnership with the beer company and said it was upsetting to them that they platformed a trans influencer. Country singer Travis Tritt said he would drop Anheuser-Busch (the parent company for Budweiser) from his tour because of their decision to send a trans influencer some beer.

The debate surrounding Bud Light is still intense months after it first happened. What do you think about this entire situation and Garth Brook’s decision? Let us know in the comments.


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