Gordon Ramsay Shuts Down ‘Drag Kitchen’ Show

Sixteen contestants. Only one winner. The prize? A quarter-million dollar job as the Chef at Las Vegas’ Fancy Pantz casino, your own cookbook, and a contract to perform nightly for two years.

As a drag queen.

That’s the premise of the newest Gordon Ramsay cooking show Drag Kitchen. Or, should we say, it was.

The brainchild of Ramsay’s head of entertainment facilities Joe Barron, Drag Kitchen had already gotten a green light from Disney studios at Fox broadcasting, and was just about to cast. That’s when Ramsay heard all about it, and canned that bitch like cheap mushrooms.

Are they bloody kidding me?”, he reportedly said to the gathered showrunners last week. “Drag queens? What is this, the bloody Berkeley California performing arts center?”

Ramsay’s nixing of the program brought consternation to the studio, who have, in the past, counted the master chef in on any cooking competition show. Ramsay even did a stint in England, teaching convicts to bake.

Nevertheless, it appears the television touton isn’t as “woke” as the network had originally believed. The whole drag queen thing pushed him just a little too far.

“Towel Chef, that was an idea for a show about cooks who have to wear towels on their heads the whole time,” Ramsay remarked angrily. “But at least they were all regular bloody people. Christ.”


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