Highschooler can’t afford dream gown so prom date makes her one from scratch.

Addi Rust discovered her perfect prom gown, but it was far too pricey for her budget. The big night was just a few months away, and the Indiana adolescent had no idea what she was going to wear.

Addi laughed about her clothing with her prom date, Parker Smith, who was uncertain what to do about it.

She joked about him simply making one prom outfit for her.

But here’s the thing: Addi had no idea Parker, a high school student, would try to create her a dress regardless of the fact that he didn’t know how to sew a single stitch.

Parker spent months learning to sew, with some help from his grandma. He labored diligently on the gown, constructing and redoing it until it was perfect. The night before the dance, he was still putting the final touches on.

All through the entire process, Addi had a vision of what the dress would look like, however she was moved to tears when Parker revealed it in all its Cinderella-esque grandeur.

The completed product rendered her dumbfounded. She wasn’t alone in this.


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