Jamie Foxx reportedly in rehab as more details of his ‘mystery’ illness emerge

Jamie Foxx’s hospital stay was widely known due to the media coverage it received. However, the singer nor anyone representing him has commented on what affliction landed the movie star in a hospital bed.

But now some details are emerging about the ‘mystery’ illness the actor went through.

Jamie Foxx was hospitalized last month in Atlanta. Now it is being reported that the 55-year-old actor is undergoing physical rehabilitation in Chicago. Foxx’s family members which included his daughters Corinne Foxx and Anelise Bishop were seen visiting him at the rehab facility.

The first time a report of Foxx’s hospitalization came out was on April 12. People had no clue as to why the actor had been hospitalized as the 55-year-old prefers to live a private life and refused to divulge any information about what landed him in the hospital.

It was on May 3 when Foxx himself broke his silence by posting on Instagram about how he appreciated the support he was receiving. “Appreciate all the love!!! Feeling blessed,” Foxx wrote in the caption, followed by a few emojis.

According to reports from TMZ the movie star has been in the rehab facility since late April. It was also reported that the rehab facility he was at specializes in helping those who have suffered from a stroke, spinal trauma, and traumatic brain injury.

With his recent health scare, there had been a lot of speculation about Foxx. Some outlets and pages even reported that his family was ‘preparing for the worst.’ But Foxx’s daughter Corinne slammed these rumors. She said, “Sad to see how the media runs wild. My Dad has been out of the hospital for weeks, recuperating. In fact, he was playing pickleball yesterday! Thanks for everyone’s prayers and support!”

There has been a lot of speculation about Foxx’s health but only a few reliable sources have yet confirmed the actor’s health. Kevin Hart shared in a podcast what little he knew of the actor’s health.

He said, “I think the dope thing is that he’s getting better in his situation, and everybody’s prayers, everybody’s love, energy, all that stuff is seen and felt.” He added, “I don’t know the details or the exact details as to what’s going on, but to my knowledge, there’s a lot of progression and a world of better. My love, synergy goes out to him. He’s needed, he’s necessary and I know he knows that. I know that he feels that because there’s been an outcry and outpour of support and I can only hope that it continues.

We are sending our best wishes to Jamie Foxx as he recovers from his hospital stay. Join us in sending him your well wishes.

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