Man who lost his wife on their wedding day has now woken up and is planning her funeral

A loving husband is facing the unimaginable task of planning his wife’s funeral after she was killed on their wedding day in late April.

As per reports, Aric Hutchinson and Samantha Leigh Miller tied the knot in a beautiful union on April 28. Yet mere hours after pledging themselves to one another forever, Samantha, 34, was killed by ‘a reckless drunk driver’ who collided with the golf cart she was riding in.

Aric was left with multiple injuries but survived. According to a GoFundMe page established to raise funds for Samantha’s funeral, as well as medical expenses for Aric and two other family members who were riding in the golf cart, Benjamin Garrett and Brogan Garret, Aric has now been allowed home from hospital and is attempting to come to terms with the loss of his wife.

According to sources, Aric and Samantha were leaving their wedding reception on Folly Beach – an island off the coast of South Carolina – when their golf cart was struck by Jamie Lee Komoroski, a 25-year-old who was driving under the influence at 65mph in a 25mph zone.

Samantha’s mother, Lisa Miller, said: “On the beginning of the golf cart ride, she said I wished this night could go on forever. The best night of her life.”

Lisa added: “I don’t know what the distraction was, but she (Komoroski) literally ran into my daughter going 65 miles an hour. Sammie and Aric were on the back of the golf cart and so she basically just whammed my child.”

Aric, who was sitting in the back of the vehicle with Samantha, was left with serious injuries. An update to the GoFundMe page earlier this week on May 8 told how the groom had suffered “multiple injuries including two broken legs, one which had to be surgically repaired; broken bones in his face which also had to be surgically repaired; broken vertebrae’s in his back; brain bleeds, and numerous cuts with stitches.”

Latest reports state that he has been allowed home from the hospital, where he is “trying to come to terms with the loss of his beautiful wife.”

His mom, Annette, explained: “Now he is doing the unimaginable of planning Sam’s funeral along with her family.”

Benjamin Garrett is recovering in the burn unit after undergoing surgery to clean and redress severe road rash and open wounds, while a fourth passenger, Brogan, escaped with minor injuries.

Annette added: “We truly believe a guardian angel was with him that night. Our hope is that with love and support he can get through the trauma of having been involved in this horrific accident at 17.

“All three are being incredibly strong despite the pain they are suffering.”

Komoroski has been charged with one count of reckless vehicular homicide and three counts of felony driving under the influence (DUI) resulting in death and/ or great bodily injury.

The GoFundMe page established in the wake of the accident has thus far raised over $700,000.

Our hearts go out to the loved ones of Samantha at this terrible time. We can only imagine Aric’s sense of loss after losing the love of his life on his wedding day.

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