Morgan Freeman Is Quietly Battling Fibromyalgia – An Invisible Condition That Causes Paralyzing Pains


Morgan Freeman, the renowned actor known for his distinctive voice and powerful performances, has shown remarkable strength of character in the face of physical challenges. Despite suffering permanent damage from a near-fatal car crash in 2008, Freeman has continued to pursue his acting career and manage the chronic pain associated with fibromyalgia, a condition he has been living with. This article delves into Freeman’s experience with fibromyalgia, his journey to cope with the condition, and his ongoing success in the entertainment industry.

The Car Accident and Permanent Damage

In 2008, Morgan Freeman was involved in a serious car accident near his Mississippi home. Emergency officials had to use the jaws of life to rescue Freeman and his passenger from the wreckage. Although he underwent extensive surgery to repair his left shoulder, arm, and elbow, Freeman suffered long-term nerve damage. In a 2010 interview, he revealed that he couldn’t move his left hand due to the injury, which explained the compression glove he often wears to manage swelling. The accident left him with lasting physical challenges that have affected his daily life.

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA – MARCH 12: (L-R) Morgan Freeman and Margot Robbie speak onstage during the 95th Annual Academy Awards at Dolby Theatre on March 12, 2023 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Fibromyalgia and its Impact

Freeman’s use of the compression glove is not only related to his car accident but also serves as a means to alleviate the pain associated with fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition characterized by widespread pain and fatigue. It is now recognized as a clinical diagnosis by the American Medical Association. In addition to pain, common symptoms include fatigue, numbness, headaches, and sleep disturbances. While there is no cure for fibromyalgia, it can be managed through a combination of exercise, psychological therapy, behavioral therapy, and medications.

Freeman’s Experience with Fibromyalgia

In a 2012 interview, Freeman discussed his ongoing battle with fibromyalgia. Despite his attempts to hide his discomfort, the pain can be intense and debilitating. He described the pain as a clamp, an icy shot up his arm, and admitted to experiencing moments of agony. Freeman acknowledged that fibromyalgia affects his daily life and activities, leading to significant changes such as giving up piloting his jet and sailing alone. However, he remains resilient, finding happiness in activities like playing golf and walking.

Continuing Acting Career

Despite the challenges posed by fibromyalgia, Morgan Freeman has not allowed it to hinder his acting career. Since his car accident, he has appeared in several action-packed films, demonstrating his versatility and delivering unforgettable performances. Freeman’s notable roles include movies such as “Red” (2010), “Oblivion” (2013), “Now You See Me” (2013), and “The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard” (2021). He has received numerous accolades for his acting, including an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in “Million Dollar Baby” (2004).

Morgan Freeman is not the only celebrity living with fibromyalgia. Lady Gaga, Janeane Garofalo, Sinead O’Connor, Susan Flannery, and Rosie Hamlin are among the notable figures who have openly discussed their experiences with the condition. These individuals have shed light on the reality of living with chronic pain and the need for greater compassion and understanding.

Freeman’s Future Projects and Impact

Morgan Freeman continues to thrive in the entertainment industry, with several upcoming film projects. Co-stars have praised his acting prowess and his mentoring role on set. Freeman’s impact extends beyond his performances, as he has also lent his iconic voice to narrate various documentaries. His enduring success serves as an inspiration to others living with fibromyalgia and facing invisible conditions.


Morgan Freeman’s journey with fibromyalgia showcases his strength of character and determination to overcome physical challenges. Despite the pain and limitations caused by the condition, Freeman remains dedicated to his craft and continues to excel in his acting career. By openly discussing his experiences, he raises awareness about fibromyalgia and encourages compassion for those battling invisible conditions. Let us extend our healing thoughts to Freeman and all those who courageously face the challenges of fibromyalgia.


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