Mother shares cute video of her beautiful baby girl, but some viewers are outraged after spotting small detail

As a parent, you are entitled to make decisions for your little one. But of course, not everyone has to agree with the decisions you make.

And when you broadcast your decision to thousands of people, there are some that are bound to disagree…

4-month-old Lara is already a huge star on TikTok because of her parents posting videos of their daughter on the platform. There are dozens of videos of the baby on her TikTok page

Lara’s mother posted a video of her ‘growing up,’ comparing a video of when she was just born in the hospital to her at 4-months-old to give her followers an idea about her growth.

However, something did not sit right with some of her followers for the glimpse into Lara’s life when she was just under 24 hours into the world.

People noticed the clips of when Lara was barely 24 hours old showed that she had her ears pierced. A lot of people expressed concern over the fact that a baby that was barely a day old had their ears pierced.

People were upset by such a young baby having her ears pierced. They debated whether it was okay. Then there were people who pointed out how it is normal in certain cultures to have the ears of little babies pierced when they are born.

People still expressed their concern and were upset with Lara’s mother about her decision, saying they thought the baby should have been able to choose herself when she grew up about whether she wanted her ears pierced.

One commenter wrote, “I just do not get it. And it hurts just like when they are older! Don’t kid yourself,” while another said, “It’s their decision if they want their ears pierced, or is it? I’m going to let my babies decide when they understand these things”

But even with all the negativity and chastising, Lara’s mother not only defended herself but also defended her decision.

“When you get your ear pierced when you are 2 or 3 days old, you don’t feel pain like when you are 1 or 2 years old. The holes are made by the neonatologists themselves in the hospital at birth,” she said.

Other people also agreed with Lara’s mother and pointed out how traditions vary from culture to culture. Every parent has different ideas on how to raise their child.

Well, Lara’s mother seems to think that newborns should have pierced ears. Do you agree with her? Let us know in the comments!

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