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Matthew would take his siblings to the beach near their house to wait for their parents daily until they no longer wanted to go one day.

When Matthew was only eight years old, his parents, Sarah and Connor, decided to adopt triplets. Their parents had abandoned them after realizing that they couldn’t raise three children of the same age.

Sarah worked at the orphanage where the three kids were left behind. She grew attached to them and didn’t want them to be separated should other people adopt them.

She spoke to Connor about adopting the three kids, and he agreed. They loved them like they loved Matthew, and raised them the same way.

Matthew would take his brothers to the beach to await their parents’ arrival. | Source: Shutterstock

Unfortunately, when the triplets were six years old, they slowly began to understand the concept of adoption. They understood that Sarah and Connor were not their biological parents, and they started to distance themselves.

The only person the triplets bonded with was Matthew. Although Matthew tried his best to make his siblings realize that their parents meant well, they were determined that their biological parents would come back for them one day.

This idea came after the triplets found an old letter amidst the things they took home from the orphanage one day. The letter read that their parents had sailed on a ship but would someday return. Their parents asked the orphanage to take care of their kids, as they would one day return to them and live a happy life.

The triplets believed their parents would come back for them once they returned from their trip. | Source: Pexels

Since discovering that letter, the triplets confronted Sarah and Connor about their adoption. They said that they were better off in the orphanage, as that way their parents could easily find them.

But Matthew had an idea. Their family lived right by the sea, so he tried to convince his siblings to wait by the water for their parents to return. “Let’s wait every day by the shore. That way, they’ll spot you immediately!” he suggested.

Every day since then for five years, the triplets would walk along the shore with Matthew hoping their parents would return. Matthew wanted to believe this too, while his parents watched them walk to the shoreline daily with tears in their eyes.

The siblings waited by the shore every day for five years. | Source: Pexels

The truth was, Sarah and Connor could not tell the triplets the truth about their biological parents just yet, as they were too young to understand what actually happened.

When Matthew was 13, his parents decided to sit him down to talk. They told him the whole truth about his siblings’ biological parents, sharing how the parents actually could not let go of the carefree lifestyle they lived, so they decided to leave the triplets at an orphanage instead of raising them.

Matthew’s parents sat him down one day to tell him the truth about his siblings’ biological parents. | Source: Pexels

The letter was just their last effort to try and make it seem as if they had not just abandoned their children for good. “I don’t think you should be keeping this truth from them,” Matthew said, realizing how painful the truth was.

“It’s best we wait until they’re a little bit older. They are only 11 years old, and they wouldn’t be able to grasp the situation fully,” Sarah explained.

“They think you don’t love them genuinely and adopted them out of pity,” Matthew admitted. Connor shook his head.

“Of course not, Matthew. We love them just as we love you. You are all our children, and we will always wish you nothing but the best in life,” he replied.

Matthew explained that his siblings thought that parents pitied them and did not love them genuinely. | Source: Pexels

The next day, Matthew entered his siblings’ room thinking it was time for them to go on their daily beach visit. “Hey, why aren’t you dressed yet? It’s time to head to the beach!”

One of the triplets shook his head. “We don’t want to wait for them anymore.”

At that moment, Sarah entered the room and overheard what the boy said. Seeing their mom there, the kids decided to reveal the truth.

“We overheard your conversation yesterday,” one of them said. “If we go out to wait for them and see them, we’ll only say that we don’t want to go back to them anymore. We have parents here who love us, and if abandoning us was the choice they made, then that’s something they have to live with forever.”

Sarah and Connor were relieved to know their kids were willing to rebuild their relationship after everything that happened. | Source: Pexels

Sarah cried, hearing this. She had been waiting for the moment that the triplets would finally accept her as their mother, and that time had finally come.

“We love the three of you and Matthew very much – more than anything! I’m sorry that dad and I thought it was too soon for you to learn the truth, but you are all brilliant kids; you handled the truth better than others,” she explained.

Connor also entered the room and sat in-between his children. “From now on, there will be no secrets in this family, alright? We will start fresh and enjoy life together,” he said, giving each of them a hug.

“And I promise – I will always protect you guys. You are my siblings, and I will always be here for you no matter what. I love you with all my heart!” Matthew chimed in.

At that, the triplets jumped out of the bed to give their parents and their siblings the biggest group hug. “Thank you so much for everything, and we’re sorry for pushing you away for so many years,” one of them whispered.

Since then, the family has lived together happily. Although they were not rich, they would enjoy the simple luxuries in life that they could afford, such as going on road trips, eating at delicious restaurants as a family, and having special family nights together at home.

What can we learn from this story?

Family doesn’t always mean your blood relatives. Sarah and Connor loved their kids dearly, and treated everyone equally, regardless of whether they were adopted or not. They made sure to raise them in a loving and secure home and valued quality time with one another over everything else.
It’s never too late to start again. Although the triplets pushed Sarah and Connor away thinking they pitied them rather than loved them, they ended up rebuilding their relationship for the better.
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