Photographer Catches Stunning Image of a Double Rainbow Over a Cross

God’s magic is all around us, if only we pause for a moment and take a look.

Sandra Dean of Sandra D. Photography was able to capture one of these marvelous moments this summer. She captured a miraculous image of a double rainbow dazzling brightly in the sky above a white cross. The cross resides in a marsh in Poquoson, Virginia.

The cross intrigued Poquoson natives, as it seemingly popped up one day out of nowhere several years ago. After some investigation, the local news talked to a man by the name of Bill Forrest, who said his friend David Holloway erected the cross. Forrest owns Bill Forrest Seafood, and the cross sits on his land.

“He didn’t put it there for nothing but God, best I can figure,” Forrest said to 13NewsNow. “It’s nothing political, racial, it’s just a cross.”

The cross has made locals feel elated, and resident Richard Mcgilvary said it gives him a “good feeling”.

Sandra’s image has since gotten a great reaction for the community. Commenters have said the image was “beautiful” and a “powerful capture”. One said that it was a testament of God’s faithful promises to us.

You can learn more about the cross here, and more about Sandra D. Photography here.


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