Richard Gere celebrates his dad’s 100th birthday at a local restaurant

Many individuals are aware of the name Richard Gere. The renowned actor has appeared in several films and is a global sweetheart for millions of people. The most adorable aspect about Richard Gere is that he still remembers his father’s birthday like any other everyday man! What a wonderful person.

Homer Gere, Richard Gere’s father, mark his 100th birthday on Sunday in the presence of his son and other loved family and friends. At a café near Armory Square, the group commemorated his birth centennial. The event was led by his son, Richard Gere.

Pastabilities, one of the square’s oldest eateries, hosted the birthday celebration. The restaurant has been in business since 1982. The eatery must have been overjoyed to have a Hollywood actor in their presence, since they shared photos of the veteran star, his dad, and restaurant personnel on social media.

They most likely uploaded after the celebration ended, on Sunday after 8 p.m. “Richard Gere stopped in to Pasta’s tonight to mark his dad’s 100th birthday,” the post stated.

Richard Gere was born in Philadelphia and raised in Central New York. In 1967, he attended and graduated from North Syracuse High School. Homer Gere previously worked as an insurance salesman and assisted at the North Syracuse fire department. He had previously volunteered for Meals on Wheels. He is still a resident of North Syracuse.

Richard returns to the region on a regular basis to see his dad. Doris Gere, his mom and Homer’s wife, died in 2016. Richard Gere is married to Alejandra Gere, and the pair wedded in 2018. Alexander and a younger boy born in 2020 are the pair’s two kids. The pair has decided to keep their kids out of the spotlight, thus not even the name of his youngest kid is revealed.

What a thoughtful thing to do for your parents’ birthday to take the time and take them out to supper!

Lets all join in wishing Homer Gere a very happy birthday! What’s more, share this endearing story with your loved ones.

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