This Woman Opened The Door To See Neighbor’s Young Son: “My Mom Died In The Shower”

Do you open your door in the evening hours when someone comes knocking unexpectedly? If not, this story might encourage you to peek out next time just to make sure it’s not someone you know who might be in trouble.

In this video shared by Wonderbot, we hear the story of Jessica Penoyer, a woman who opened her door one evening to find her 5-year-old neighbor, Salvatore, standing on her stoop, looking for someone to help him.

When Jessica found Salvatore standing outside on her porch, she asked him what was going on, and at first, she thought he mentioned something about his pet dog dying. It was then that Jessica noticed something in Salvatore’s arms.

“He’s standing there and he’s holding something and I thought it was a doll,” Jessica explained to Arizona’s ABC15. She came to realize that little Sal was carrying his 2-month-old baby sister in his arms.

Completely confused as to why these two young children were out at night on their own, Jessica then learned it was actually Salvatore’s mother who was in need of help.

As it happened, Sal’s mother, Kaitlyn, got into the shower after putting her two little ones down for the night. But Salvatore soon woke up to the sound of a loud thud in the bathroom, and he found his mom lying unconscious in the bathtub.

Without even thinking, young Sal went to fetch his baby sister, wrapped her up in a blanket, and brought her with him to try to get some help. When he got to Jessica’s house, he told her that his mom died in the shower and he needed her to take care of them.

To find out what happened with Salvatore’s mother and how little Sal was honored after his heroic act, watch the video.


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