Young girl dragged by stranger from her own yard – what she does next will surprise you

A 6-year-old girl in Florida demonstrated quick thinking and sharp learning skills while playing in the courtyard of her apartment complex, managing to dodge a potentially fatal situation with an alleged kidnapper.

The traumatic incident served as a chilling reminder for parents that even playing in your own yard can take a nasty turn…

Only July 6 Ah’lyric, a young girl living in Florida, was playing with her siblings at their apartment block when a white Range Rover pulled up outside the complex and an unidentified man approached them.

At the time, Ah’lyric’s siblings sensed something was wrong and hurried back inside, leaving her behind.

Within seconds, the stranger had grabbed onto Ah’lyric’s arm and tried to pull her towards him. Instinctively, Ah’lyric resisted the man as he picked her up and tried to carry her back to his car.

However, Ah’lyric’s quick-thinking ended up saving her life, as the youngster told NBC South Florida: “I bit him.” Her knowledge of self-defense allowed her to escape a potentially nightmarish situation for herself and her family. Her bite startled the man – who was likely not expecting it – and he dropped Ah’lyric, slapping her before making his getaway.

Thankfully, the incident was captured on CCTV, providing valuable evidence for the local police. In the footage the man’s vehicle, including its license plate, was visible – leading to the identification and subsequent arrest of Leonardo Venegas from North Miami 48 hours later on July 8. The 32-year-old faces charges of kidnapping and child abuse that did not harm the body.

Venegas has since reportedly claimed that he was in the area to look at properties for sale, although according to police reports there had been no properties on the market in the vicinity. He also mentioned fleeing upon hearing a scream but made no mention of Ah’lyric.

Miami Police Captain Freddie Cruz told NBC that the incident was “uncommon”, but still urged parents to keep a closer eye on their children while playing outdoors.

Captin Cruz also stated that authorities that authorities were currently investigating whether Venegas had attempted to kidnap other children in the area, and encouraged local residents to report anything suspicious to police.

Thank goodness Ah’lyric was so fast-thinking and managed to escape – what a relief for her family to have their daughter back safe and sound.


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