Oklahoma liquor store faced backlash over ‘offensive’ sign

Nowadays, people get offended by anything. Sometimes, they have all the right to be, but other times, they just exaggerate and act like attention-seekers. It is up to you to decide whether the people who got offended by these store signs were right or not.

A liquor store in Oklahoma, Midwest Wine, and Spirits, faced some backlash after they put up a sign which read: “Pull your pants up or don’t come in.”

This made many angry because they believed the store didn’t have the right to tell people what to wear.

The sign vent viral quickly and media outlets asked the owners to tell them what made them put such a sing, to what one of the managers of the establishment, Chad Gilbert, said. “I realize wearing pants low is a fashion statement for some, but it doesn’t work for me and I find it somewhat offensive.”

The sign further read, “Try to have some decency and respect for others. No one wants to see your underwear.”

One of the customers, Sunshine Weatherby, said, “I can see that if it was like a church. There are families there, you might have a problem with that, but this is a liquor store. I’ve seen worse at a liquor store.” However, and employee mentioned that wearing low-hanging pants raised security concerns as well. “Usually, when people come in with their pants sagging, it’s easier for them to steal bottles,” she said.

Other stores faced similar backlash in the past because of their signs which many weren’t fond of because of one reason or another.

A store put up a sign saying they were closed because they were forced to fire both of their cashiers who happened to be teenagers so the owners were now looking for boomers instead of someone who belonged to the Generation Z. “News flash: All teenagers have always acted this way. It’s nothing new. Even the boomers when they were young,” a Reddit user commented. “Cracks me up that they think boomers would be less entitled than Gen-Z,” another added.

Yet another similar story comes from KFC Ohio who posted a sign back in 2016 saying, “All uniformed police officers eat free every day all day.”

This way, they wanted to show their gratitude to the police officers for everything they do for the community, but many found this inappropriate because as they said, firefighters, who have similar impact on society, were excluded from the list.

To address the public outrage against this alleged ‘offensive sign’, the admin of Ohio Going Blue responded, “This is a positive post, but some of you can’t see the bigger picture. As an officer, I do not go into any establishment expecting/wanting ANYTHING to be free or let alone even a discount. Whether I’m in uniform or not, I can tell you other officers feel the same way. We don’t like “special treatment”. The fact is that KFC is acknowledging law enforcement, which is why this was posted. To those who stated that other first responders should also be acknowledged. My answer? ABSOLUTELY.”

What are your thoughts on this?

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